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Irene de Pous
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Most of my work is written in Dutch (see here for some examples). The articles that have been published in English you find below.

Immigrant school children fear Wilders could deport them
Teachers in the Netherlands are struggling to explain to their students that anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders is allowed to say things that would not be tolerated in school. Read further
NRC Media, 23 March 2010

Dutch football club bans non-native children
A Dutch football club has announced it will no longer accept new junior members of foreign descent. It is not the only amateur club struggling with immigrant parents, who organisations claim do less than their share to keep their clubs running. Read further
NRC Media, 10 May 2010, together with Freek Schravesande

Miraculous air crash survivor faces glaring spotlights
The media frenzy that descended on the 9-year-old sole survivor of the Libyan air crash has raised concerns over his privacy. Read further
NRC Media, 17 May 2010

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